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We are a responsible entity devoted to powering your needs and we are led by our desire to produce great work and our love for life, people, and possibilities. We work with individuals that create solution, celebrate innovations, and believe in the progress of common good.

We will love to work with Scholars and Educators believing learning in all its forms, Visionaries and Entrepreneurs for more than profit, Engineers to identify our needs and craft customized solutions and Communities movement of faith, hope & love.






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Monytai Power & Construction is a trusted developer of A-grade commercial, industrial and residential projects inIndonesia. Since its foundation, the company has commit herself to thecommunities and the progress of common good.



The established gas and coal industries continue to offer good opportunities for our partners, but the unconventional forms of energy offer exciting new upstream potential. Solar, hydro and geothermal are among the sizeable and under-developed opportunity available in Indonesia.

By tapping on the extensive experience and expertise accumulated through years of managing and operating power assets, coupled with optimizing existing resources and infrastructure at its power station, Monytai Power has also extended its reach into related fields that synergies with its current operations. These include the provision of multi-utility services and gas terminalling.



Our world relies on a stable and continuous supply of energy. Once generated, power needs to be brought to its end users by means of a reliable, safe and sustainable power distribution network. Such networks need to have as little impact on the environment as possible and be able to cope effectively with disruptions.

Monytai Power offers a wide range of services that will help you assure the performance of your power distribution network, from design and construction through to operation. With services covering assessment, verification, inspection, auditing, testing and training, Monytai Power is your first choice of partner to ensure that your power distribution network operates safely, sustainably and reliably and in compliance with regulations.



We have a strong track record in construction projects and the expertise in ensuring that compliance to industry code of practice and quality is adhered. We place great emphasis on safety, quality and timeliness of our projects.

We seek to get involved early in the design phase so that we can manage the project with more efficiently, provide effective building solutions & to identify challenges early on to mitigate design changes after construction commencement. For years, we have successfully met our client’s demand for cost efficiency.



Facilities management has become highly competitive. Subject to continuous innovation and development, under pressure to reduce costs and add value to the core business of our partner organisation whenever possible.

Our Integrated Facilities Management teams consistently increase the productivity of your power project portfolio by reducing costs, minimizing risk and increasing end-user satisfaction. We drive continuous improvement by harnessing our experience and expertise to bring new ideas and market intelligence to the table. Because we customize our model to suit your needs, we enable you to respond to changing business requirements and give you confidence in achieving your desired outcomes by backing our ability to deliver results.

We maximize the efficiency of facilities through strategic sourcing and responsive engineering services. Partnering with Monytai Power means consolidating subcontractors to a single point of contact with one service provider for all services rendered thus helping you significantly reduce your facility operating costs.



Entering into a business partnership, be it an alliance between individuals or much larger entities, can be an intimidating prospect. Effective partnership requires a high level of commitment, hard work and constant negotiation. Even so, the benefits of banding together may extend far beyond a simple exchange of services. Finding a good partner – the right partner – has the potential to make everyone involved feel happier, more motivated and more committed to a shared set of professional and ethical principles.

With the help of Monytai business development team, companies and organizations in Indonesia and in developed countries can seek out new cooperation opportunities and business partners. Monytai channels business partnership initiatives from developed countries to companies in Indonesia and vice versa. Business partnerships refer to long-term joint activities between companies or other economic actors in Indonesia and in developed countries, such as joint ventures or importing from developing countries.


Parking System

Our round system can be integrated harmoniously into the environment to match surrounding buildings and architecture. It can be underground or aboveground as our customer desired. We propose unique and sophisticated project idea which is suited for our customer’s urban plan and their needs.

To keep our customers and their vehicle safety, there are sensitive sensors in multidirectional at entry and exit room. This high quality sensor detects any minor problem inside of the area. So, you can completely count on it. All you have to do is driving in and leaving, and the rest will be taken over by the system. No hassle steps to take. Because customers do not drive their vehicles inside the parking garage, and there is no access for the customers to parking storage, there sis no risk of vehicle dents, scratches, collisions or theft anymore like the conventional parking garage. It’s totally secured.

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